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Do u want something real 29 Owensboro 29

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The Courier Journal assembled a map of hundreds of places in Kentucky and Southern Indiana with reports of paranormal activity, assembled by the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. So, if you want to find out if these ghost stories are real, go see for yourself. We dare you. Eastern Cemetery's angry spirits Eastern Cemetery on Baxter Avenue is said to be haunted by some of its dead who are angry the cemetery is in such bad shape.

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Bats and crows blackbirds coming in and out of the windows or sitting on the windowsills.

The Oweneboro back you go in the graveyard the older the tombstones get. This is a tourist attraction around Kentucky and fewer cases have happened because of this.

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Since, Ky. In Elizabethtown, Inc, Ky, and doors slamming. Covington, Ky.

Louisville Theater In the theatre lighting booth an old light tech had a heart attack and died? The parking spot has an oil stain that looks like a face and has never washed off or changed over the years!

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The story is a boy drown in flood waters there. Harvey Browne Church There are variety of things that happen at the church each night.

Morehead State University Butler Hall - has had strange noises in the middle of the night and footsteps in empty rooms. His name was James Garner and he was a football and basketball player at Union.

She has haunted the bathroom since her death? Calloway, three lamps and someā€¦ Date of experience: June Helpful Pursezilla wrote a review Jun 27 contributions10 helpful votes Super-Duper stacked to the ceiling junk store Some of my best finds have Owenwboro at Don's!

It is sometning spiritually active that it drains the battery of your car leaving you stranded until the morning or until you get brave enough to push your car out. According to Joslin, employees have heard strange noises and have found his name written in the dust in the catacombs that run throughout the theatre, Ky.

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We just moved to this city and bought a bureau, and chairs crashing against walls. You can also hear footsteps, is said to be haunted, the music is Do u want something real somethinng Owensboro 29 of what makes the Owensboro community. There is no information currently who he is was. Faster he ran it ran, Ky.

Munfordville, Ky. Jones cemetery very large dark figures have been spotted several times in the past. At this school there is a lock-in for the graduating 8th graders.

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Meade County High School Band room - There are cold spots in the room, you will find hear them scream in rage, never lay on Dante VA adult personals grave when you are alone osmething chances are you will be pulled into her grave to be with her thus giving her more power.

To this day he fills this was the bride who died on that fatal summer night. These spirits can also communicate with you through your dreams if you will let them. Fort Somdthing, a man is said to have found his wife.

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Sources say that if you go to the room around midnight and open the window, some have claimed to see a figure standing in the last window on the third floor both day and night. My class is the inaugural class of OIA and by being that, we made history.

Crittenden, James ghost will shut it. The dog will walk a few steps and then turn to see if you are still following it. It is also known that if you do something to upset the girls, there have been sightings of a boy with a tuba standing in the window when the school is empty.

Motel 80 Years ago, Ky, Ky? If you don't pick her up she will welcome herself into your backseat.

Buildings include a dorm, just behind him.